Friday, August 10, 2012

Summer Sweater

Okay, okay, so this was never intended to be a summer sweater but I'm slow.  Incidentally, my baby is teeny and this wouldn't have fit him any sooner anyway.  Check out Henry's new sweater!  It's a pattern from Plymouth Yarn and is perfect for the many hyper-A/C'd restaurants and shops in NOLA.  I cannot believe this is supposed to fit a 3 month-old, even a normal sized one (Henry's in the 5th percentile, the little squidget).  I did gauge and everything.  Oh well.  Enjoy the pics!

 Cute lil' elephant buttons in alternating shades...totally unplanned.  They came in packs of five and Gus ate one (or two) of them.  Looks cuter this way anyway.
 From the back:

In action!


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