Tuesday, August 7, 2012

100, yay!

I'm officially in the Pure Barre 100 club, meaning I've taken over 100 classes at my local Magazine Street studio.  If you read my blog, you know how much I endorse the workout and I cannot emphasize enough how it's changed my post-baby body.  I am a cool 5 lbs under pre-pregnancy weight.  Granted, I can't tease apart how much my overall weight loss is due to breastfeeding (although there is evidence that breastfeeding can make you lose weight quicker OR slower, depending on the woman...breastfeeding doesn't allow you to process carbs efficiently or something) or to my body just naturally shedding all that extra weight (over fifty pounds, guys.  I gained over fifty pounds.  Crazy!!!)  Weight loss aside, I can say with confidence that my thighs are as small as they've ever been, my seat is more defined, and arms are more toned.  As for abs...I still need some work, which is likely due to the fact that  I never do any cardio and eat like a trucker (I'm still using breastfeeding as an excuse for that).  I can only do so much, right?  

On another note, more diversity in posts to come.  I've been really busy with school and renovation stuff this summer.  I'll be way more excited to post about the crafting I've been doing once I can actually put Henry's room together.  But in the very near future, I'll post about Henry's baby book (which is looking pretty sweet) , the sweater I knitted him (which is basically done), and a cute lamp I've decorated.  Stay tuned.

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