Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Crazy Bag Lady

I guess not so much bag (this time), but dress...Missoni for Target dresses, that is. Yes, on the morning of September 13th, I woke up and scooted over to Target like a good little (broke) fashionista. Almost every time Target has done a collab, I've bought something. Skipped out on McQ, as well as Calypso, but love my Erin Featherson blouse, my Temperley London vest, and am semi-obsessed with my Rodarte for Target raincoat. Who doesn't like design for cheap? And you don't wear the stuff enough to have to worry about quality and it wearing out. Anyway...I've never gotten up early to go to Target on days when these collabs debut, but now that I don't live in New York, where throngs of other crazy twenty and thirty-something grabby women are emininent, I figured I'd compete. And what a smart decision that was. I totally scored. Got these dresses:

Aaaaaand since there was somewhat of a mini-throng, I grabbed what I could before I headed to the dressing room. When I left the dressing room, there were no clothes left except for this robe:

Obvs, I swiped it up, since I've been looking for something to recieve guests in post-baby. So I ended up leaving the store with some extra stuff. Yes, I am one of those girls. Sold my extras on ebay. Haters gonna hate, but I don't care -- I got some dresses I love that are flattering EVEN at 9 months pregnant (they're fully lined, guys...fully. lined.) And I also offered some pieces to friends (and even have some extra - black and white zigzag strappy dress and a pair of tights...will probably know how I do...but email me if you are interested). The only problem I have is too much Missoni - I mean, how many zigzag stuff does a girl need?? But's cute stuff and I'll wear everything. Total win.

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