Monday, September 26, 2011

Buying (Baby) Stuff

For the record, I should put it out there that I return at least half the stuff I buy. Is that weird? Probably a little...but I take a lot of comfort in knowing I can take clothes, decor, etc. to my house, sit with it for a few days, and decide whether or not I want it to be permanently mine. I tend to return stuff if it's gone on sale after I bought it, which just makes me mad. If I really like the item, I'll re-purchase. I'm the worst with returning clothes. I just really love to LOVE the clothes I own. Anyway, I digress...this baby stuff has taken returning and exchanging to a whole new level. Let's just say I returned my carseat twice. And that's because it went on sale, and then I got a coupon. In the end, returning saves me a boatload of money. Is it worth the effort? Maybe not. But I'm used to keeping myself busy and feeling like I got a deal keeps me happy for days. I've recently discovered some baby daily deal sites that are akin to some of the fashion and daily deal sites I check daily. I'm new to most of them, and I really only like a few. Baby Steals is a fantastic non-membership site, meaning you can just check it every day instead of getting the emails if you like, and you don't have to give them your info. Did I mention the bangin' Lindsay Brin deal I got?? They also feature great brands like Ergo, Aden + Anais, and Skip Hop. Babyhalfoff is okay, but doesn't touch Baby Steals with the brand names. Decent membership sites include Zulilly, Totsy, and the Mini Social. Email me for an invite. I'm too new to these to really review them, but they've been fun to browse. Definitely don't underestimate the children and baby section of Gilt, Ideeli, Hautelook, and Fab - great for both kid room stuff and kid clothing. Obvsies, the only problem with all these sites are that you often can't return - it kills me! But at least they are good deals, and a good trick is to buy stuff you've had on y our mind BEFORE you saw it on sale. This usually works for me. Usually.

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