Friday, September 30, 2011

Just like VH1

I love the 70's. They still do that show, right? This summer introduced a few trends hinting to decades past, and I totally bought into the whole clog and wedge thing. I spent most of the summer in these crossover clogs from Anthropologie. More 70's era type stuff has been cropping on everywhere, and I'm pretty jazzed. So glad I never got this American Apparel floppy hat I was eyeing (left) - the same one can be found at JCPenney for next to nothing. Also loving the midi length skirt trend. Not sure how well this will work for us short girls, and am even less confident that I'll be able to pull them off in my post-baby body. But I can admire, right? Check out this cute button-up one from ASOS and this gorgeous silk one from Madewell.
also has a really pretty pleated one.
Love the variation you can get with this length. On second thought, this might be an excellent alternative to pants post-baby.
The thought of putting these
thighs in anything restrictive makes me want to cry. On to tops...I can't quite get down with the whole tie front thing. But I do love sheers and these wonderful fall tones. These mushroom-colored top from LA Made is sheer, flowy, and beautiful. On sale right now from Hautelook. Could be paired over a nice nursing tank and no one would be the wiser. Last comes this one from LL Bean Signature - nice and tailored without being restrictive. All this looking and no touching kinda sucks. This trend will probably come and go by the time my baby is born. And after he's born, I'm sure I won't care! Oh well...maybe one of my readers can take advantage of my gawking and trolling the internet for cute clothes. In fact...please do!

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