Wednesday, December 23, 2009


That's what the new Rodarte for Target line seems to be. Critics seem to love it or hate it.

The nice thing about living in New York is that it's the fashion capitol of the world. It's also the worst thing, because a city full of fashionistas means lines that go for days - especially for the cheap, er, inexpensive stuff. Being in Durham for the release of Rodarte for Target meant I basically had the pick of the litter. I usually only buy one thing from any given Target diffusion line. My decision to buy this awesome raincoat (pictured above to the far left - I can't find a better picture anywhere!) was not hard, seeing as everything else wasn't ugly, necessarily, just not me.

The whole line contained lots of lace and mesh. Taffeta, too. Materials that are impractical, and generally too girly for me. Still, I'm a big fan of the diffusion line thing. Gives me a chance to get my label on.

My new little raincoat comes with a little matching bag, has a hood, and 4 pockets (even though two are way too shallow to be useful). I think this
piece tops anything I've ever gotten from this little fashion initiative. It'll be perfect for the crazy humid New Orleans showers. And since it's a diffusion line piece, the material is cheap and won't make me all hot and gross. Total score.


I finally stopped being lazy
and took some pictures of the raincoat. You should also know that this baby is on ebay along with the rest of the collection selling for way more than I paid. Go me. Maybe I'll go get more and make some dough while I'm at it.

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