Monday, July 25, 2011

More Easy Things to Make with Biscuit Dough

Throughout the pregnancy thus far, I haven't had any cravings per se, I've just wanted more of stuff I like in general. I mean, I don't sit there and think all of a sudden, "I REALLY need some chicken nuggets," but when they are available, I want more than usual. While still living in our old house, I really wanted something sweet but we didn't have anything around. I turned something salty into sweet by quickly frying up some makeshift donuts. I think a 5th grade teacher of mine did this for our class.

ou'll need:
A canister of biscuit dough (any kind...don't try and kid yourself and get reduced fat or crap like that. If yo
u're making homemade donuts, give it up already and go the whole nine. Also, the beauty of this is that you don't need to use the whole canister. As you can see here, I only made three. Granted that's a lot, it's better than eight, which I probably easily could polish off in my state)
Enough canola oil to create about 3/4'' of depth in whatever pan you use Confectioner's sugar (and any other delicious topping you can think of).
  • Heat up the canola oil. If you throw a few drops of water
  • in and it spatters, it's probably ready. Take regular old biscuit dough (mine was left over from making delicious monkey bread) and create a little hole in the biscuit using your fingers and drop them in the oil. If you're a wuss like me, you can put a barbeque skewer or something like it through the hole and lower them into the oil so you don't get spattered on.
  • The donuts should puff up relatively quickly. You can also use your skewer-like tool to flip the donuts, which you will have to do in a matter of seconds (probably about 30).
  • Put the donuts on some napkins laid in something that allows ventilation as well as a downward drip motion - I like using a big colander.
  • While still warm, bathe the donuts in toppings of your choice - I really like powdered sugar, but I'm sure you could get real creative here.
All this took less than 10 minutes. So fattening, and so delicious :o). Labeling it baking, though it's not really baking at all...

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