Sunday, August 23, 2009

One Last Time

This post is way overdue - I've long since arrived in New Orleans and am getting settled in my new apartment. Classes start tomorrow and it's officially the last evening of summer for me. I'm excited in a weird way - scared, but eager to get the ball rolling.

Anyway, for our last evening in New York, Barry and I planned an evening at The River Cafe, Brooklyn's fanciest, courtesy of his very generous mom. I realized that morning that I had packed all my dresses with the movers a week before - and this is not the type of place where a gal can wear flip flops and shorts. So after my last day at work, I dropped by Zachary's Smile in the Village to pick up a frock on one last shopping trip as an NYC resident.

I hadn't shopped here in forever but who knows why - this place is fantastic and the price points aren't terrible. I ended up having to decide between a cute vintage looking dress and a little short sleeve gold number - both from the house White label. I ended up with the latter for $48 - I'm really digging this style right now. It all started with that flowery one from Steven Alan, which I bought and wore to a wedding yesterday. I'm regretting not being able to afford both from ZS, and also neglecting to shop here religiously for the years I lived in New York. At least I have another place to add to my repertoire when I visit the city.


  1. Hi Alex,
    I just wanted to say Best of Luck with School. Change is a good thing! We'll miss you in Brooklyn.
    Hugs to Barry.

  2. We will miss you too!! Thanks for the luck. I definitely need it.