Friday, August 28, 2009

Cute Take it or Leave It

Seriously, how cute are these?

Backstory: I don't know how I managed to not sing this from the rooftops, but before my trip to Greece, I sat on the train next to...ALEXIS BLEDEL. YES -- RORY GILMORE!! You have no idea how excited I was. I didn't just sit next to her, I had a legit conversation with her. Turns out, she lives in my old neighborhood. I digress...she was looking very cute and hipstery with jean shorts and a plain white tee. And Keds! These things are making a comeback, and of course now that I've seen them on Alexis, second in personal obsession only to her highness Keri Russell (don't even get me started on Felicity), I feel I need a pair for myself.

Shortly after the encounter I went to Greece and spotted some printed ones I loved (Alexis' were plain white with laces). These will be great for my new home, seeing as I'll have to bike (ugh) to school every day and will need comfortable shoes. At Yoox for $30 - on sale. What do you think?


  1. I have a pair of these but they have three traps of elastic on the top to hold your foot in. They're really comfortable, but about the third time I wore them, I ran in some mud and they haven't looked the same since -- booo. They have toucans on them - they are awesome.

  2. I have been biking to work/school for three years, and had a pair similar to these. They're comfortable, but like the post above said, I got dirt and stuff in them... yuck.

  3. Hmmm yes, after about a month in New Orleans, I'm realizing how tough this place will be on shoes. Mainly because of the mud factor. I'm going to have to hold off. What good is a cute shoe if it's all cruddy looking? Plus I forgot that they might not look so cute with my fat hobbit feet so maybe for now, I will pass. Thanks for the advice!