Monday, August 10, 2009

Bye Bye Bloomies

I am moving from New York in five days and today I stopped by the Soho Bloomingdale's to spend the last of a gift card there. I ended up with a mere Mac lipgloss. Enter no judgment zone: I felt sadder and more nostalgic walking through the handbag section there than I have felt saying bye to some of my friends. I know, I'm terrible. It was more because I'll never go there again as a New York girl, but as a tourist. I'll see my friends again, there's no question there. But there's something about shopping in New York that truly won't be the same. The Racked emails will be a tease, and no more sample sales for me. But maybe my wallet will be fatter. Then again, with this wedding coming up, who knows.

Speaking of weddings...I think I found the dress. Yes, THE dress. More later - I won't say for sure until the deposit is down. We have a date (90% positive on this one) and are between two venues for the reception. It is all very, very exciting. Yay me for getting so much done before moving and school taking over my life!


  1. How exciting! Did you go to RK Bridal? I want to see pictures when you finally decide!

  2. I did go to RK! I actually have a really good story about it all. If I don't end up posting pictures here, I'll email you some pics I snuck while in the dressing room.