Thursday, June 4, 2009

A Very Floral Take it or Leave It

This is the dress I tried on and fell in love with at my friend's Steven Alan store on Atlantic Ave.

I have three weddings coming up for sure: one in July, August, and October. Boyfriend's best childhood friends just got engaged, and they are ambitiously planning a Fall wedding, so I could have four. I'd wear this one to one of the first two, but honestly, I'd wear it anywhere. It seems like one of those dresses that you can really work up or down with shoes and jewelry. I think it would look great with both cut-out booties or strappy gray heels. I need gray heels for the Geren Ford dress I got at the SA sample sale anyway. Plus I have a great purple Kate Spade clutch that would go with it. It fits well, and I am in love with the shoulder zipper detail. On sale for $159. What do you think, take or leave?


  1. I like it and Steven Alan, but I think with floral dresses being all the rage this season that you can find a cute one for less than half the price...

  2. Ugh, I ended up buying it but it was on super sale. I'm wearing it to a wedding soon - maybe I'll post a pic!