Sunday, October 16, 2011

Baby Tag Collage

I am still hard at work on my baby book. Two of the pages will feature a tag college, which was meant to be a separate project as per Suzanne Stirling, but like I said, I'm running out of wall/display space. I like a lot of ideas featured in B is for Baby (see picture to the right), but need more. I have some old appointment slips but am trying to think of more ideas. Suggestions welcome! I made the tags below by taking leftover business cards from my wedding guestbook and experimenting with tag shapes until I made one I was happy with. I used the template on the cardstock I've been using throughout the baby book. I then punched a hole in the top of each and placed a hole reinforcer around the holes. I looped a piece of red thread through the holes and made a few extras in case I mess up (which I will). I really mean it about the suggestions...I have 24 tags to fill.


  1. so cute! you could do little calendars with important dates (positive test, heard heartbeat, felt kick, found out sex) picture of the scale right before you pop, food label of any favorite cravings, paint swatch card of nursery color...
    then on birthday: save one tag for the hospital bracelet (our hospital also gave us a security bracelet that was fun), cut up the hospital bassinet card, headline of newspaper on birthday,

  2. Love the little calendar idea and all the stuff from the hospital on birthday. However, the picture of the scale sounds really scary!