Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Henry Michael Sims

B and I are proud to announce that our son was born last Thursday at 2:26 am in the morning, weighing just under 7 lbs and measuring 19.5 inches long. We settled on the name Henry, after characters from two of our favorite books (The Time Traveler's Wife and Papillon), Henry Street in Brooklyn, and, well, it's just the most awesome name ever. His middle name was passed from B's father, to B, and now to baby Henry. He is perfect. See?

Henry's birth alone has given me a few ideas for blog posts, one of which is decidedly NOT his birth story. Ya'll don't even wanna know. But here's a taste - I was in labor for about 48 hours. It's okay though. He is worth it. We're laying in at our home for the moment, though I have ventured out a bit here and there. For now, we're mostly just enjoying each other's company. Thank you to all our friends and family who have helped out by checking in, visiting us, and sending us all the love. We love you all.

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