Sunday, October 16, 2011

Decal Dilemma

Months ago, Groupon featured $20 for $50 worth of Dali Decals . I figured it was such a good deal, I had to pounce. I made these stencil panels (top left corner) for my room in New York when I lived there, and am always searching for a way to do something similar, but neater. I love what Little Miss Momma did with her decals. Mounting the decals on canvas is great because you can move them around the room with ease and don't have to be as crazy about their initial placement. I covered two 18x24 canvases and one 22x28 one in White Linen acrylic paint by Martha Stewart and applied the decals according to the directions from Dali. Here's an (obvious) tip - don't affix the decals outside, even if it is a beautiful day. Any wind will make you crazy.

We aren't positive what we're painting the nursery yet, so I stuck with a white background. I did a custom order from Dali, which was super easy and relatively quick to arrive. All three of the athletes below are part of a series. And obviously, I used colors that will coordinate with all my nursery stuff. What's the dilemma? I've made and purchased so many things for the walls in my tiny nursery, I'm not going to have room for it all!

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