Friday, August 12, 2011

Wedding Stuff, Redux: Bridesmaids' Jewelry

We are coming up on our first anniversary and I realize how much I didn't post about our wedding and the different things we incorporated into it. I'll start with jewelry. I was way more concerned with my bridesmaid's jewelry than my own, mainly because their jewelry was my gift to them. I custom ordered individual pieces from a woman on etsy from the store All Things Tinsel. Everyone got the same earrings - pretty droplet briolettes .
The necklaces were designed individually. I tried to reflect the girls' style. I think I was successful - they all seemed pretty pleased:
This versatile one went to my sister in law. She's really tall and her dress had a high neckline:

This was for my other sister in law, whose neckline was lower. I love how dainty this one is. It looked great with her dress.
My friend wore this one. Love the layered look:

My sister wore this one, which can also be worn different ways asymmetrically:
Finally, my maid of honor wore this one. It's my fave.
I wanted the necklaces to compliment the dresses, but didn't want them to be too matchy-matchy. I think it all worked out well. Speaking of dresses, see the next post!

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  1. none of the pictures are working :/

  2. oh, sad. I'll fix it this afternoon. Thx for the heads up!