Sunday, August 7, 2011

Mineral Make-up

Another lovely treat during pregnancy is blotchy skin. Mine hasn't been that bad, but the sun-kissed look that slowly develops in the summer months that I used to love has only served to amplify the weird pregnant lady blotchiness. I tend not to wear foundation in the summer because of the heat, but with three weddings scheduled this summer, I figured I needed to invest in some quality products. I've been meaning to try the bareMinerals line but didn't want to commit $60 to the starter kit. Instead, I pranced over to the Mac store at Dillard's, where I could spend an old gift card. I ended up with the Mineralize Foundation, which includes SPF 15, in addition to their Mineralize Skinfinish.

In the store with just the former, my skin looked dewey and had a nice glow. The Skinfinish adds a nice luster. Of course, when I get home and apply the stuff myself, it doesn't look nearly as good -- I think it has something to do with the brush I use, Mac's 187 duo fibre brush.

The 190 foundation brush is probably more appropriate. Brushes with make up are key - even though they tend to be pricey, you save money in the long run because the products are easier to apply and you use less of them. So I like, but don't love, my Mac mineral products. Has anyone tried mineral products they love? Wanna share?

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