Friday, August 5, 2011

Belly Aches

As my belly button makes its slow march to becoming a (temporary?) outtie, my skin has become more and more itchy. I'm not gonna kid myself - I know stretch marks are hereditary and if they're there, they're there. Though the look is inevitable, I refuse to put up with itchy, red skin. My friends have been real sweethearts with getting me some mommy products. I received some tummy butter from my friend Lindsay very early in the pregnancy. I ran out of it even before I started getting big and uncomfortable. I like to think that it was a preventative measure...I recently got this Mama Bee Belly Butter from my friend, Cassidy. Love Burt's Bee's-- it's a Durham company, you know :o). This stuff is super easy to rub on even though it's really thick, and smells great. It contains olive oil, pumpkin, and beeswax, of course.

I also regularly use an old favorite - Palmer's cocoa butter. It makes me smell like dessert. I literally have to fight off my dog every night after I put it on - he loves to try and taste.

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