Sunday, August 28, 2011

Caving In

I tried to hold out and not buy any more maternity clothes. But it's been several weeks since I made any significant purchases and let's just say that in this last month I've definitely "popped". But now, at 32 weeks, there are other things to consider. For instance, are these clothes worth buying now that I have 8 weeks of the pregnancy left at most? I'm rationalizing that yes, they are worth it, seeing as I'll still be a large lady at least a few weeks post-pregnancy. But now I also have to stick to buying that are, um, accessible. For nursing. I ordered three dresses from ASOS . Love the black and coral maxi dresses- they'll wear well into the fall here in New Orleans, especially under a cardigan. Also got a patterned dress to mix up all the solids I have.
ASOS has great maternity clothes, even in their outlet/clearance section. All three dresses and a belt for less than $90. I also picked up this boring one from Gap Maternity.

I have a few upcoming work/school stuff where I have to look semi-professional and the I'm-pregnant-and-can-wear-whatever-I-want excuse only lasts for so long...

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