Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A Good Dress is Hard to Find

When you're pregnant. A good dress to wear to a wedding, that it. I got away with wearing my normal shorts and shirts for about 10 weeks until I started to feel obese; my normal dresses had a bit more longevity but not by much. I went to a wedding this past weekend and wore this LBD from Destination Maternity. It's Matty M for Pea in the Pod. I wanted to wear black so I could blend in as much as possible, but I wore bright shoes and fun make-up so as not to look like I was in mourning. Speaking of Pea in the Pod, it's one of the only stores that carries decent labels for pregnant gals. And believe me, there's some horrible crap out there, most of which looks like a cross between Dress Barn and Lily Pulitzer. I love that my local Macy's has a small maternity section featuring Pea in the Pod and Motherhood Maternity dresses. And thank goodness maxi dresses are so on trend right now. I love the two plain jane ones I picked up from Macy's. Belted dresses look great on pregnant ladies (when the belts are strategically placed) and this dress will go great with the JewelMint set I just got. I love how both dresses hug my belly and draw attention to that part, and not the other parts of me that are choosing to get bigger. I'm thinking about getting a couple more to get me through the summer and carry me into fall, maybe this mustard brown razor back one from the Gap. The color should go well with my darker shade from the summer, and is fun enough to hold its own in the summer but can be played down with a cardi and accessories in the fall. I'm also eyeing this one, which looks suspiciously like the other long black dress I already have, but it covers more up top, which is a necessity these days, and is also more gauze-y. It's not a maternity dress per se, but I think I could pull it off because of the length. It's available at J.C. Penney and is part of Charlotte Ronson's I "heart" Ronson's line (LOVE that line). I was pretty opposed to buying too many dresses and things for this pregnancy, but one thing is for sure - it is important to feel like you look good in this vulnerable time. Luckily, it's pretty easy to find deals on maternity clothes. It's probably hard to design for pregnant ladies, and maybe labels' sales are hit or miss or something, because I always find dresses like these marked down at least a little bit. The average price of dresses shown here is probably about $40. In the end, I've still got about 4 months to go, and I've got to wear something, right?


  1. Hey, Sasha - Moody Mamas has a line for Target online that is inexpensive and so much better than Liz Lange which I decided was only for tall people. Old Navy is great for t-shirts and shorts and things like that, too.

    Also, JC Penney has a great maternity section for basics and nursing stuff for when you need to look at that. Target is much cheaper than Babies R Us for nursing stuff, too.

    I have AMAZING registry suggestion emails from like 4 of my mom friends, so let me know if you want me to forward those along, too!

    I do not envy you surviving the New Orleans summer/fall pregnant, but I know you will be infinitely more fashionable than I have been! ha!

    Christina (Lindsey's friend)
    xtinamartinson (at)

  2. Thanks for the tips! I would love to see registry suggestions - please pass them along. I'll share some of the one's I've gotten here in the coming weeks. It's been h-o-t HOT in nola this summer but I'm managing to keep cool. Although it has been difficult to find a good pair of shorts, hence all the long dresses. Congrats on your little baby on the way, maybe I'll see you in Durham at the end of the summer!!