Saturday, January 1, 2011

11 in '11

I'm going to make 11 promises to myself , ranging from small to large,in this new year. They are as follows:
1. Buy a house
B and I git a shit-ton of cash from very generous family and friends from the wedding. It's time we put it to use.

2. Eat more vegetables
I occasionally engage in the South Beach diet when I'm feeling paunchy. Veggies are a big part of the deal and I don't know why I don't just make them a regular part of my life.
3. Weigh one hundred and twenty-something pounds

I don't want to be too specific here and tell everyone my exact weight. SB makes my
goal a very realistic one, and it'd be nice to be a little more trim this coming swimsuit season
4. Floss more
I don't do it enough.
5. Sew something significant
My lil sewing machine, for whom this blog was started, is collecting dust. Now with the wedding over, I should have plenty of time this summer to be creative.

6. Propose and defend my thesis
This is a priority and totally do-able. I'm on my third draft (granted I have about 10 more to go, but still).
7. Read more.

I've read a
couple books over break - When You Are Englulfed in Flames by David Sedaris, one of my favorites. HILARIOUS. Also, The Discomfort Zone by Jonathan Franzen. What a bad book. Seriously. It was awful. I find him pretentious, inaccessible, obnoxiously privileged, and oddly detached. I wanted to read a sample of his work before attempting The Corrections, a beast of a hardcover that has sat on my bookcase for years. I'm going to continue to let it sit. I'm in the middle of Zeitoun, Eggers' latest. It's about New Orleans and Katrina and is so far, excellent. Tom McAllister's (Yay La Salle English department and Honors Program) Bury Me in My Jersey is also really good. I'm also in the middle of that one. B got me Columbine by Dave Cullen and Eating Animals (Foer, my absolute favorite) for Christmas. My standing goal is to finish everything mentioned here before the end of the semester.
8. Go to more shows

Back in the day when I was a legitimate audiophile, I went to a show almost every weekend. These days, I'm too tired from the day to make it out to most venues. I want to go to more than just Jazz fest this year. Girl Talk is coming to Nola at the end of the month. That sounds like a great jum
ping off point.
9. Pay off credit card debt
This is my year to do it.

10. Wear more makeup

This one sounds bad. But I'm terribly lazy in the morning and sometimes I head into the office barefaced with a random lipstick in my pocket. I have a number of modestly-priced beauty products I want to assemble before the start of the year. Stay tuned for a post
11. Scuba dive somewhere.
Preferably in the Philippines.
B and I just went on our honeymoon to Cozumel and finally finished our scuba certification. I want to dive at least once a year, and we've been dreaming of a trip to the Philippines basically since we met. There's supposed to be fantastic dive sites there, and I intend to discover a few. Especially now that I'm uber legitimate with my fancy pants new wetsuit.

I'll update throughout the year. Am I being too ambitious?

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  1. i like it. even if you only do half of them that's a lot! we need to catch up soon. also, your present is coming your way (late).