Saturday, January 1, 2011

I heart Minkoff

Recently, ideeli offered an ideeliAccess deal - $75 for $150 off at I didn't do it because I'm trying to be good, but it reminded me I never blogged about the RM bags I've bought in the past year - this one, that I bought off ebay that I use tons. It's a great everyday bag. Even fits my Macbook Pro. I wrote a Take it or Leave it post about it months ago. Sorry to the folks who advised against it, but I could resist this bag.
I bought this teeny crossbody in November. It barely fits anything and is terribly impractical. I love it.

IdeeliAccess offers awesome deals. I contemplated buying $50 for $100 to C and C California. But again, with the being good business...anyway, love my bags. Totally worth the cash.

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