Tuesday, June 1, 2010

There's No Place Like Home!

There's a little double entendre action for ya, seeing as I'm going home in a few days after attending another conference in Pittsburgh, coupled with the fact that the shoes I may have chosen for my wedding definitely look like Dorothy's! Remember these?

I'm pretty sure I love them. My dress is long and fabulous, and like I said, I want to buy shoes I'll wear again. I ordered these, along with the next couple that follow, from Zappos. They have outstanding customer service, by the way. 365 days to return, plus they overnighted the shoes for free. So, on to the rejects. The first are by Pour La Victoire, and while they are wonderful, they push the envelope a little too much. Granted that if there's ever a time to have shoes that are "too much" (thanks, A!) They were really hard to walk in, even with the platform. And they don't look very expensive. I feel that way about many PLV shoes. So...no.

Next came these Stuart Weitzman pumps. They look good off my feet. Which does not do me any good. The toe doesn't let my feet peep enough and they're not as comfortable as the Kate Spades. So again...no.

I'm still entertaining the idea of white/ivory shoes. Badgley Mishka makes some fabulous ones. The bridesmaids are wearing shoes that match their dress (more on that later). I love the idea of wearing red, but I'm not 100% married to the idea. My first fitting is in a week, and I need to have my shoes and undergarments lined up (is there a less old-ladyish way of talking about bridal undergarments? If so, please let me know). I'm glad to have the former almost finalized. Seventy something days left!

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