Friday, June 25, 2010

Beautiful Invitations

I can take very little credit for these. My maid of honor (the best ever, did I mention that?) took a design I loved and made it mine. Then she printed and sent everything to me to assemble. There's not much more I can say about these so I'll just post pictures...go ahead and gawk.

The bow here looks crooked but that's because I didn't take much care in this picture. Hopefully, the ones that got sent in the mail traveled well. It is deceivingly difficult to tie a good bow. Youtube it.

I love how the circles fit together so nicely. The pins were a bitch to get in and I think B was re-thinking marrying me after trying and stamping so many invitations but I think it was all worth it.

How great is this little map?

It's always good to provide a range of places for people to stay. I think most folks are staying at the downtown Marriott but I think a few are shelling out the big bucks for Washington Duke Inn, where B will have a tee time the morning of the wedding.

We are having a party/rehearsal dinner at my house the night before. Seeing as it's the whole wedding party + out of town guests, you can basically say we're having two receptions.

Pretty, right? I like the way the stamp looks, even if it is a little smudgy. My favorite part in all this has been getting the replies in the mail. I love how some people write notes and others draw pictures.

Well there it is. What do you think?

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