Friday, June 25, 2010


I am almost done making my guest book for the reception! You can see a bit of the construction process above. The guestbook was born of a couple different ideas from Martha Stewart, mainly this one to the left. I am going to have people write messages on little cards and tuck them in little envelopes for only Barry and I to read. People often don't know what to write in guestbooks and seeing as B and I were both English majors in college, we both know it always helps to have a little prompt. I'm ordering customized stamps from Notetrunk on etsy that reads, "We Wish You" and "The Key to a Happy Marriage is". The card idea was taken from this another Martha-inspired craft, seen here to the right. Because the messages won't be out in the open for everyone to see, our guests will have the freedom to be as cutesy and cheesy as they like (my guests) or as vulgar and ridiculous as the please (B's guests). I'm not using stickers, because I actually want to read everything people say and not have to rip open my cute lil envelopes. I've already done that enough with all the reply cards that have come in. Speaking of those, I still never showed off my gorgeous invitation suite...coming up!


  1. this looks awesome!! i love the red in random places!

    do you think people will have to hunt down unused spaces if there aren't stickers to close the written cards? haha, it reminds me of having to find an empty locker at the gym.

    you could do something like the blue/tan set in the martha picture (have the blank cards in the envelopes sticking out, and written cards are folded up in the envelopes). but then someone would pick a card out and not see all the different starting out points. or get little tiny circle stickers that aren't damaging.

    it probably wouldn't even be a problem though, haha.

  2. oh, another idea michael just had was to put a hole punch through the middle of the envelope flap to see if there's a card in there or not. but you would probably have to do a hole punch on the envelope under the flap too, if that part doesn't let you see directly through to the card.