Monday, April 5, 2010

How Liberating

I finally crawled out of my office and into Target to check out the Liberty of London collection at Target (after becoming inspired from Brooklyn Bubble - thanks Rachel!). One cool thing about living in a city where fashion isn't a priority (I'm sorry - it's sad but true. New Orleans is not a fashion-conscious trendy place. They're all about originality here, but trust me, originality does not typically equal good. But I digress...) is when fantastic collabs happen at large chain stores, you get the pick of the litter. Enter Liberty of London for Target.

I was instantly taken by this yellow coat - how cute! However, no pockets! Seriously? Plus, it'd be way cuter if it were 3/4 sleeve. This is something I have to seriously consider, seeing as I ride my bike in New Orleans all the time and can't get all tangled up. Speaking of New Orleans, who needs a damn coat? It's already getting humid here, so I just couldn't justify it. The dresses were okay, but I didn't want to buy a dress for the sake of buying something. Guess I'm growing up. Sigh!

And I have to say, I was underwhelmed by the household items. The prints somehow don't translate to the items they're offering. I thought I'd love the throw pillows and lampshades but they just...look like they're from Target. And not in a cool way. The plates and serving pieces were cool but really, how many melamine pieces do you really need? I mean, you either buy a whole set or just a cup, right? I restrained myself.

Zac Posen goes on sale April 25th. Let's hope it lives up to the buzz!

On another note,
how liberating is it that this is my 100th blog post? Yeah, that connection was a stretch. So I've hit 100 after roughly a year. Not bad. But I could do better. Let's see what I can do in the coming months. Hopefully, I'll be better this summer. And P.S., shame on me for dropping the ball on the year anniversary. Yeesh.

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  1. i love the liberty of london collection for target! i just bought some picture frames and a blouse:) love them! i can't wait for the zac posen line. I've got my heart set on that red one piece!