Saturday, March 27, 2010

Holy Negligence, Batman

As you may have guessed, school picked up like crazy and I totally crapped out on this blog. But now it's Spring Break and I have some time so I'll be doing some remedial blogging. I have so much to cover! Since I last blogged, I've done a little bit of shopping here and there. I'll update you on some fabulous purchases but before I tackle that, I have to introduce you to the newest member of our family -- Gus! He's a rescue dog from the Animal Rescue of New Orleans. I can't tell you how many people have told us what a beautiful dog he is and we agree. He is approximately two years old and is as sweet as can be. He thinks behaves like a lap dog even though he's 45 lbs. We were foster parents up until today, but we've gotten all his shots and signed the check and it's super official - he is ours forever. And we couldn't be happier. He's lucky he lives in a warm climate, otherwise he'd be getting some doggy sweaters to flaunt. I'll just have to think of other ridiculous things to make him wear. Anyway, enjoy the pics and stay tuned for a burst of blogging!

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