Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Finding Time to Shop

I spent the first couple weekends in March at conferences in other cities. Part of the reason I entered a Ph.D. program was to be able to travel learn about other peoples' research. So I love conferences, but that doesn't mean I don't find them exhausting. So, I made it a point to get in some shopping time. First up was the National Association of School Psychologists convention in Chicago. Not only did I get to catch up with a dear old pal, but I also got to take a stroll down Magnificent Mile. I made sure to visit Club Monaco, a store I absolutely adore but can never visit (none in Louisiana. F.) I scored these great hats. One's a beret with a pretty complicated cable pattern that I would never get around to knitting on my own, at least in the next couple years. The other is a super awesome slouchy beanie. I've been wanting one of these, and the fact that it's pink makes it so much better. Looks like it belongs to one of the seven dwarves. The best buy of the day was this awesome boyfriend blazer. It's just oversized enough and ponte knit - my favorite. I'm in love with it. I also got a sweet little top from Anthropologie. Of course, that's all I could afford from the entire store. Next up was Philadelphia. I stayed with my best pal from college and it was great catching up. I also picked up a couple dresses from Urban Outfitters which are really form-flattering. I also got some shoes because it was raining out, but I have ended up wearing them a good amount. They are basically keds knock-offs. Total score. So I guess you can say I got my shopping fix for the semester. It's all about the business back at school now. I've got my eyes on the prize (e.g. my wedding, no classes, getting in a good place with my research, etc!). I'm counting the minutes 'til summer.

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