Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Sending Love

A friend of mine needed some love in the last few weeks so I Fed-Ex's him some brownies. I used the all-edge pan, of course.

I used Ghiradelli double chocolate mix and it was delicious. It traveled pretty well, or so I hear. Circle containers, like this take-out container from an Italian place in my neighborhood, are good for traveling brownies or other baked goods because you can arrange things to not shift too much but they also have room to breathe and won't stick to each other. You can't mail anything US mail more than 13 oz., which is annoying, and which is why I had to Fed Ex. As I left the store, I briefly wondered why I didn't just sit in the mailing place and ate brownies until the damn package weighed 12.9 oz. Oh well, lesson learned.

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