Sunday, June 7, 2009

My Fair Lady

What a busy weekend. I had training for the summer, a birthday party, a playoff game to watch, (go Redwings), Greece prep to do, and in the midst of all this, fairs to check out!

First up, the Greek Fair near Atlantic Ave. There isn't much to look at, but the tirapides I had were delicious. I also got to spoke to some kind folks from Greece who clued me in on a few things to eat while I'm over there. I also checked out the Atlantic Art walk - not as big as I anticipated, but lots of cool art to look at. My favorite is Cannonball Press. Cool and mildly disturbing woodcut prints for $30.

Sunday, I hit up the much-anticipated Renegade Craft Fair. I behaved myself very well. I don't look at these fairs as an opportunity to buy everything in sight; I mean, I'm not one for necklace containing fabric or fibers, and soon, all the tshirts and prints start to look the same. But I do enjoy grabbing all the business cards from my favorite booths so I can buy later or share the love. So that's what I'm doing. I think later, I'll post sites from fairs and events past, because God knows I have enough business cards in my rolodex.

New York-Centric
Ceramics by Denise Long- really cool ceramic tiles of iconic structures around the city.

On the Walls
Tugboat Printshop - Interesting etchings and woodcuts
Dolan Geiman - Awesome works of art, though a little pricey. "Contemporary Art with a Southern Accent". A perfect description. Ideal for a New Orleans home.
Seattle Show Posters - Self-explanatory. They've also got some non show prints - I got the one for $5.
Brainstorm - cool prints. They had a neat bike poster I considered buying.

Chalkboard Tees - self-explanatory. I wouldn't wear one, but would make a great gift for a kid or silly adult.
Clothmoth - cool tshirts, inluding one that says "Yay Seratonin!" . Appeals to the psych dork side of me. I bought some buttons but that's all.

May Day Studio - Journals and albums made from Bingo cards. Love them!
Final Approach - Ridiculously awesome custom suitcases. Great gift idea for a traveler, or if you're just looking for something unique for yourself. I can't imagine wanting to take these on a real trip though - they're just so nice!

Not that New Orleans is lacking in culture, but I'm gonna miss these little craft events. Thank goodness for etsy.

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  1. ugh i spent a ton of $$ at the Art Star Craft Bazaar last weekend in Philly. Most of my purchases were gifts for other people, but i scored a necklace for myself and a canvas print of a sewing machine that matches my bedroom. It is really weird how so many crafters seem to use the same themes though, right? Also eerily creepy how many crafters are into this "steampunk" garbage. what is with that?