Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Some Retail and Handmade Mischief

I almost forgot to share my finds from the weekend! As you've probably gathered, I am both a label whore and a supporter of handmade goods. Call me a waffler, a sell-out, or just confused, but I like what I like. I'm not a label person in the most conventional sense, but still...Like I said, I hit up Woodbury Commons in Central Valley, NY. I picked up my pal in Bay Ridge and we arrived by 10:30 in the morning. There were hardly any people walking around, which was clutch. That still didn't result in any lack of line to get in to the Coach factory store. My friend spent nearly twice as much as I did, but that isn't to say I didn't mildly outdo myself. In the end: 1 pair of Diesel Jeans, 1 dress from Theory, 1 skirt from Kenzie, 2 belts, a tshirt, a dress, and a romper (yes!) all from American Apparel. Not too shabby. Big disapointments were Barney's (found a great Liquid dress but ultimately couldn't justify the price), Kate Spade (decided I have too many Kate Spade bags. I actually found one I had forgotten about, bringing the tally up to 4. Bad.), Coach (not only was it a shit show in there, but they didn't have the one thing I would have bought - the Gigi Tote from the legacy collection featured in Bride Wars), and Joe's Jeans (will think about buying the Provacateur petite jeans, but from Century 21. Or Ebay). My friend and I made a pact to return before I leave New York in August. Until then, I need to stay far, far away.

All that spending made it difficult to want to spend money at the handmade cavalcade the next day. I bought a mere bar of pine tar soap - supposed to be great for troubled skin - from Nordea's Soaperie. Can't wait to try it out. Boyfriend's parents were in town, and his mom came with me to the craft fair. She bought some great earings decoupaged on coins from Wabisabi for a friend. Glad she found something a bit more substantial than me. The market was sponsored by the {NewNew} of Metro NY and will be doing more events like this in the future, as they've been doing in the past. Also, the Renegade Craft Fair is coming in about a month. I freakin love this one. I went last year and it was great. Got my Readymade subscription for $5! Between that and the Theory sample sale coming up, I have to keep the purse strings a little tight.

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  1. I can usually find Joe's Jeans on ebay for very cheap! If you know the style you like!! I am trying to get to AA outlet soon!!