Thursday, May 14, 2009

Retro Take it or Leave It

I have not bought sneakers in years. Literally. Running shoes don't count - I only wear those on the treadmill, occasionally to jog around the neighborhood, or during a move (I've moved 4 times in 4 years in New York). Chucks don't count either. I've owned at least 5 pairs of black converse since the sixth grade. They don't count because I considered them a very uniform part of my outfits all throught high school and college. I am an awful flip flop offender in the summer, and as you can see, I'm trying to amend my ways with cute sandals. I run into trouble when flip flops are weather inappropriate. Ages ago, I bought some shit-tastic grey Reeboks from some outlet in Florida. They were buy one get one half off (the other paid I got were running sneakers) and cost a whopping $16. Yay outlet shopping. Now that all my money doesn't have to go to work clothes anymore, I'm ready for a cute pair of kicks I can pair with jeans and tees. I love these New Balance 455s, which I spotted at DNA Footwear in Park Slope on Fifth Ave. I also love the colors - they'll go with everything I need them to. I forget how much, probably $80 or $90. Take it or leave it?


  1. TAKE IT!

    I was looking into a pair of sneakers for the same reason this past fall, and I bought pretty much the exact pair (mine are just gray and white, no blue), and I wear them all the time. You will get so much use out of them that they are totally worth the price, which isn't that bad to begin with. A lot of the sporting goods stores sell them and they often have sales or specials (I seem to get coupons for Modell's and City Sports all the time, so if you don't get any, ask around), so see if you can snag them at a discount.

    Oh, and to answer your question that you posted on my blog this week (sorry so late on getting back to you), the Kylie concert in NYC is in the fall, so you will unfortunately be long gone by then! But don't fret, I certainly hope to see you before you head south!

  2. i say take.
    but i really like saucony sneakers, they're the most comfortable sneakers i've ever worn, they come in great color combos (i have grey and a mauve-y pink) and they are affordable around $50.00
    i'm actually in the market for a new pair myself. i love my current saucony's but they're getting really dirty, i want a nicer, sleeker pair that i can wear and not look slobby.

  3. I agree with Taylor-Lynn...the NBs are more popular among the guys, but the Sauconys are a little smaller and sleeker, so they might be better for girls.

  4. I like them! I am wearing my old black NB's now. Although, I use them only for yard and boat work.

  5. taaake them. i have 3 pairs of NBs and they are so confortable and hold up really well. and the color combo is oh-so-cute. $80-$90 tho?! yikes. damn ny prices. i got mine for at the most $60.

  6. Those are really snazzeriffic, and I always liked New Balance because of the big 'N'. Good colors -- you can wear those with just about anything.

    I just copped these at the Adidas outlet:
    They only had one pair and it was in my size -- and just 40 bucks. What do you think?

  7. Nice! These look like they belong to you. B loves Rod Lavers. He goes for the low, though.

    I bought the shoes and I love them. I actually returned those wedges from Ann Taylor (see 4/7 post) and used that as an excuse to buy them. They are pretty sweet.