Sunday, May 10, 2009

When Life Gives You Lemons...

As per Jim's request, I decided to do some baking this weekend. My sister makes really good lemon bars, and lately I've been craving some. Besides, what says signifies the coming of summer better than delicious lemony pastries?? I used this life-changing lemon bars recipe from A News Cafe. A few notes:
  • I don't know how many these are supposed to yield, but after I spread the crust dough in a 8x13 inch pan, I still had plenty left. Enough to cover an additional 8x8 pan. This may be because the dough didn't look wet enough and I added an egg. This addition made it impossible to mix with a machine, so I put some elbow grease into it and worked the dough myself. I think the egg was a good call- it made the dough flakier and overall more delicious.
  • Doing this made me need more lemon filling, enough to cover the 8x8 pan. I whipped this up really quick by halving the filling recipe and pouring it in.
  • I bought a zesting tool and everything never think I'm using it right. I nixed the zest altogether.
  • I have terrible knife skills, as seen in the picture. I also don't have a sifter for powdered sugar. I usually use a single-serving tea strainer which works very well, but I couldn't find it in my kitchen. That's why the powder looks clumpy.
I think the lemon bars turned out quite well. I used 5 lemons total and was worried they wouldn't be enough, but the bars are plenty lemon-y. Also, these bars are no joke. They take a good amount of prep and cook time. Plus they have to sit for a while after, and really do taste best after they've been chilled. But they are well worth the effort and wait.


  1. They look fantastic! I want one!

  2. Thanks! I was afraid they looked kinda jacked up. 1/2 the ones from the first pan I cut into looked a little better, which is good, since I took them to a friend's barbeque. I cut the pictured ones the next morning, and it was a bit difficult. I cut the last ones 2 days later and it was difficult- I lost lots of crust in the process and that takes away from the overall flavor. Lesson learned - cut baked bars after they've rested, but not TOO long after.

  3. Actually, they WERE fantastic, delightedly delicious. The pastry was wonderful and I was sneaking chunks of crust from the pan. Heavenly, lemonly.