Thursday, April 9, 2009

Girl Scouts, I thank you.

Girl scout cookies are amazing. I love cookies period, but how genius of the Girl Scouts of America to limit the availability of these delightful treats to a few months of the year, causing many to pine throughout the spring, summer, and fall, eventually spending way too much cash on cookies come early winter. I miss out on ordering almost every year. How does someone who supposedly loves girl scout cookies be such a slacker? Well, for one, I'm not obsessed with them. Come on, I just like eating them, but I don't have, like, pictures of them on my walls or plan on naming my first child "Trefoil". (sidenote- remember the movie "Where the Heart is" with Natalie Portman? Ashley Judd is her friend who names all her children foods she craved during pregnancy, like "Brownie" and "Praline". If I were to do the same, I'm sure mine would be named "McNuggget" and "Tater Tot". Hmmm...) Anyway, perhaps I miss the sales because i'm subconsciously warding off about 10,000,000 extra calories a year. However, this year, a lady at work put in an order for me with a little girl in her building and I got two boxes of my favorite thin mints and a box each of samoas, trefoils, and newcomer dulce de leche. She just dropped them off and I have been resisting tearing into them since I began this blog post.

Who else has some girl scout love? What's your favorite cookie?


  1. um, peanut butter patties!!! the best! especially frozen. and the classic thin mint, of course.

  2. I love thin mints. So delicious. When I was a junior girl scout (a green one) I sold a case to Francesca's, a local ice cream store, which they used for their delicious thin mint flavor. I think they had actually already bought their supply for the year, but pitied me and bought the boxes. It helped that my sister used to work there...