Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Reasons I'm Eating Lots of Pasta This Week

I got paid last Thursday and money is already tight. I've been bad lately, charging lots of stuff, being happy about it, then realizing the trouble I'm in later. But man...the stuff I've bought is cute. I was never interested in fashion and designers until I lived in New York. While I can't afford everything I want, I definitely treat myself to things here and there, and sometimes a little too much.

My latest favorite purchases have been a Marc by Marc Jacobs watch from eluxury - 30% off! I've gotten many compliments already. Also,
these cute, and I see it, essential, wedges from Ann Taylor Loft. On sale for $40. Next these prescription Ray-Bans, from Cohen's. They were essentially already paid for. I have a flex spending account at work, to which I elected $156. After my insurance benefit, they cost $153, and I've already submitted the receipt and been reimbursed. If you've ever thought about getting Rx sunglasses, DO IT. They're awesome and have made my life so much easier. And clearer! Last, I got this adorable jumper from the Steven Alan outlet on 82nd and Amsterdam. I saw it on the shop girl, loved it, and had to buy one for myself. I got it in charcoal. It was on sale for - wait for it - 80% off!

Just so you know, I've showed some restraint. I went to a Vera Wang Lavender sample sale and tried on, but didn't buy. And, I opted for the Ray-Bans in lieu of an absolutely fantastic pair of Tom Fords which were almost $400. Sadly, I can't really think of any more instances of abstinence.
But look, I'm pretty excellent at bargain shopping. Looks like I'll be poor for the next week or so. I need to get really awesome at sewing and knitting my own clothes so this madness can end.


  1. All of that seems pretty reasonable to me. You bought everything on sale or at some sort of a discount!

  2. love love love anything marc by marc jacobs. and getting it on sale makes it even better! the watch is tres cute. love the wedges too. ann taylor loft is quickly becomming my new favorite "work attire" store.

    all in all i think every purchase you made was very smart and very fashionable!

  3. and as I tell myself you are helping the economy by taking advantage of all the recession sales!