Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Get to the Point (But Only Until Wednesday)

Tomorrow is sad because it is the last day The Point will be open. This little yarn store/cafe is nestled in the West Village and was reliable for locally spun yarns as well as an array of unique sock yarns and brands like Cascade and Mission Falls. I frequented the store when I lived in the Village and it is sad to see it go. Apparently, they've lost their lease and I'm sure it all has something to do with this terrible downturn. Hope other local yarn stores don't have to follow suit.
I shouldn't be too happy for this, but due to the closing I was able to score a couple things on super sale, some sweeter than others. I got two hanks of this lovely Cascade Pastaza. No idea what I will make with it. That's certainly one sad thing about moving to New Orleans - it's so warm there! I will never really need a scarf, but fun berets are always good, and I can always gift. I also got a super cute tape measure shaped like a bumble bee - I always seem to be missing mine, though I have at least 3. I got a crochet hook to fix knitting mistakes and last, Celebrity Scarves by Abra Edelman. The latter was in the Free pile. Believe me, it belongs there. This book sucks. I'm a little ashamed to even put it on my coffee table. The celebrities are C-list, at best, and 90% of the scarves are in garter stitch. Lauren Ambrose is in there, and that is definitely the only redeeming trait.

Everything is 30% off until the end of the day tomorrow, Wednesday. If you can make it, go. The ladies there are so nice, and as a super bonus, there is (was?) a bin of free fabric outside the store for the sewing ladies in the house. I grabbed a bunch and think I'll make a little cafe apron or something. An ode to The Point.

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