Friday, April 24, 2009

American Apparel Take it or Leave It

Say what you will about American Apparel - I think they're great. Pre-AA, I found it difficult to find the perfect tight-but-not-trashy-tight t shirt. Their 50/50 blends are perfect, and I literally wear mine until they are falling apart.I also like AA because of their convertible pieces. Many of their dresses can be worn several different ways, and almost every skirt can be worn as a top. I have always been a fan of the high-waist look. I can’t always pull it off because I am pretty petite but every now and again I’ll find an unconventional skirt that is pretty flattering. What do you think of this one? It comes in faux denim, which I cannot decide if I like or not, or solid cotton colors. I like the cut because it’s not as constricting as some high-waist looks. Plus you can adjust the length easily. I am definitely the girl who looks great in her home full-length mirror, but then sees herself in a window reflection on the street and wonders why she chose to hooker it up with an almost-mini that day. $38 online and in stores.

There are about 20 AA stores near me, I swear, but I’m looking for a partner with whom to go to Woodbury Commons. There is an AA outlet there, among a million other great stores. This place is glorious. Check out the store directory; it’s not your typical outlet mall. For one, it’s outdoors.

Last, for those of you turned off by AA but loving the look, check out Trudy Miller Layers on Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn. She embraces a similar AA spirit in her layering (duh) and convertible pieces, but more high-end with a little class.


  1. i love AA although i struggle to be able to pull off alot of their looks because of my body shape. But I am a big fan of their skirts (mostly because it doesn't involve cleavage.) I am not a fan of the faux denim, but I think $38 for a skirt that you can wear in multiple styles is a steal. I don't recommend it as a dress though, no matter who you are.

  2. I also love AA and I love cotton skirts. I've been living in them lately. I am skeptical about the high waist though....I'd leave it

  3. Yeah, I think I'm over it. Maybe if I go to the outlet store and really fall in love the skirt I'll buy it, but my money should be spent elsewhere. I won't go out of my way to buy it.

  4. Do you really look into a street window and wonder why you had to "hooker it up" in the first place? I've heard women use that saying before, but I love to hear it used. It sounds trashy and fun!

  5. Haha yes, unfortunately I do that more often than I'd like.

    Update: tried it on at the outlet store....gross. Double gross with the faux denim. Meh...pass.