Monday, December 31, 2012

Peace (out) in 2013

I'm starting a new blog.  One that better reflects my interests and current baby-toting, research-mongering, fashion-obsessed, sometimes crafty, always wistful life.  New URL is, first post to come soon.  But in the meantime, I want to revisit my 12
 resolutions from last year and see how I did...

1. Floss more
NO!  I'm awful...
2. Exercise more
Yeaaaaah, buddy.  5 lbs under pre-preggo weight, thank you very much.
3. Come up with an awesome dissertation idea.
I didn't come up with it with as much expediency as I thought, but I got it - the effect of cognitive behavioral therapy on executive functions/ attention in children exposed to trauma.  It's a mouthful, very interesting, and terribly important.  More to come on that soon!
4. Go on dates with my husband.
Yeesh, we did not do this enough.
5. Take more family walks.
Also did a poor job on this one.
6. Make my house beautiful on a budget.
Sooorta.  Our house is pretty sweet, but it's nowhere near finished.  And what's a budget?
7. Spend more on clothes but buy less of them.
Ended up buying less clothes, and really nothing too expensive.  Santa was very generous, however.  I got Frye boots and a leather jacket.  Many a cow died for me this year.

8. Take sewing lessons.
Nope.  Ugh.
9. Take a vacation that is not related to a wedding.
Again, nope.  But Mexico, Hawaii, and the Philippines are all on the docket for next year.
10. Consign
YES.  Consigned so much.  Thank you, Buffalo Exchange, Revival Outpost, and Swap!
11. Take more pictures of Henry
Yes.  Henry is very well-documented.
12. Be crafty as hell.

Little bit.  Made a pretty sweet Christmas stocking for Henry, and his nursery looks pretty cool.  Got an awesome printer's drawer for my jewelry, and am in the process of converting an old sewing cabinet into a vanity.  Notice none of things things were blogged about.

I do love this blog, and am sad to be moving on.  But my new one will be pretty similar, minus the mildly sexist title.  Everything will be archived, though, and I plan on posting things that are more unique to me.  I do some pretty cool research, and want a place to post my work.  One of my first orders of business will be to post my master's thesis (the most recent one.  Yes, I have more than one).  So, bye for now, and thanks for reading all this time.  Please follow my new project, coming soon!

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