Saturday, December 31, 2011

12 in '12

I attempted 11 goals in 2011. I succeeded in four. Granted that I succeeded in a few (and really big ones at that), my progress towards the ones that didn't pan out is downright laughable. Check it--

1.Buy a house

Yeah buddy.
2. Eat more vegetables
Yup - pregnancy and the well-being of your child is good motivation.
3. Weigh one hundred and twenty-something pounds

NO. Oh my lord, no. I went in the opposite direction of one hundred and twenty-something pounds.

4. Floss more
Suprisingly, nope.
5. Sew something significant
Not even close.

6. Propose and defend my thesis
Yes, yes, yes!! Proposed in the second trimester and defended at 39 weeks pregnant.
7. Read more.

Ugh, no.

8. Go to more shows

9. Pay off credit card debt Not even close.
10. Wear more makeup
I guess. 11. Scuba dive somewhere.
Preferably in the Philippines.
Definitely not.

I like this multiple resolution thing, despite my 37% success rate. Shoot for the moon, right? So 12 in '12 it is. And here they are:

1. Floss more.
This remains important.
2. Exercise more.

I at least want to put to use the investments I made while pregnant: 4 months of Pure Barre membership, 4 home DVDs, and 5 yoga classes. None of those things were cheap.
3. Come up with an awesome dissertation idea.
If this can get done in the first half of the year I'll be very, very proud.
4. Go on dates with my husband.
This is muy importante, especially now that we have a little babe.
5. Take more family walks.
These must include Henry AND Gus. The handful we've taken have been so much fun. And they usually involve bubble tea, gelato, and other treats.
6. Make my house beautiful on a budget.
Pinterest will be integral for this one.
7. Spend more on clothes but buy less of them.
This is a tricky one and warrants explanation. I really only love the clothes and shoes and accessories for which I've shelled out a pretty penny. Nicer stuff lasts longer and I'm more proud and excited to wear it. So I'm gonna cut down on the mall shopping, not that I do much in the first place. Don't get me wrong -- I'll still look for deals, but I only want to get higher end stuff from clutch places online, boutiques, and vintage places. There's a great vintage shop around the corner from me (will blog later) that will be my new go-to. I'd just rather have one beautiful dress with a label I love than 4 from Banana Republic and the Gap that I'll wear once each.
8. Take sewing lessons.
Oh, what a sewing failure I am. Luckily, I live across the street from 504stitches. Check her out. Lessons are very reasonably priced and literally steps away.
9. Take a vacation that is not related to a wedding.
We had so many weddings to attend last summer! This left little in the travel budget for a vacation. So we're due.
10. Consign
I have way too many clothes. And I think my feet may have permanently grown. Time for an overhaul.
11. Take more pictures of Henry
We are so bad! We could be worse, but I want to be better. Henry is too cute to be under-documented.
12. Be crafty as hell.
Baby, new house, and having very little money should make this happen.

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