Friday, July 13, 2012

Ikat's Out of the Bag

Ikat prints are everywhere! Throw pillows, rugs, place settings, shoes, accessories...everywhere.  But I especially love ikat print shorts.  I am all about shorts this summer...mainly because I lost the baby weight and actually like my legs for once but also because it is hot hot hot in New Orleans and pants are a no-no.  And let's be honest girls, sometimes dresses are too, with all that thigh-rubbing (I lost weight, but not that much weight ;o).  Check out this ensemble from Rebecca Minkoff:

 I got these Ikat shorts from the Gap, $50,  a while back...super comfy.  Would have preferred slash pockets, but then again, shorts look best when they're flat in the front.

I saw these from Banana in Lucky, but never actually found them for sale online or in person...turns out the Heritage Collection is only in a few stores, and of course, not the ones in Nola.  Probably for the best...

I recently read some advice somewhere to try a pair of board shorts.  Don't think I'm ready to do that, but these are the next best thing.  They are super crazy short, but I love them anyway.  On super sale at AE for $29.99, in stores for even cheaper.
Good thing we have an extended summer down in the bayou.  I'll be wearing these puppies for a few more months.

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