Friday, July 13, 2012

Big Boy Seat

In the past couple months or so, Henry has taken to sitting in high chairs in restaurants.  This has changed our lives.  Don't get me wrong, as far as babies go, Henry is a relatively easy one.  But he's just about the wiggliest, most squirmy thing in the world, and once he no longer tolerated sitting in his car seat while his parents enjoyed their dinners out, he had to be held by someone.  Which meant that one parent didn't get to eat right away, and instead glared with jealousy at the other parent who was actually able to enjoy their meal.  Can you tell that this bothered me?  Sitting Henry in the High chairs at restaurants meant he also needed one at home.  I had been avoiding buying one, mainly because I was hoping not to have to do it until we were in our new house (side) with our fancy new kitchen.  Seeing as that has been (ahem) delayed, I figured I'd go ahead and give in.  I wanted something plain and easy to clean.  And not cartoony and corny, since this thing will be a main fixture in a place other than the baby room (believe me, I'm all about cartoony and corny within the confines of a nursery).  Unfortunately, the non-cheesy modern look I craved came with a pricetag.  Check it out:
Fresco Loft High Chair, $500                     Tot Sprout, $250

Siesta Highchair, $300      Phil and Ted's Highpod, $200

Yikes.  I wasn't all about it.   Luckily, there are some cheaper options.  I settled on the Safety 1st Posh Pod.  $70 on Amazon.

This thing has zero bells and whistles.  It isn't adjustable.  It isn't collapsible.  But it wipes clean, isn't heavy to tote around to different spots in the house, and most importantly, Henry loves it.  This is what allows me to brush my teeth and hair in the mornings, and to put together a decent outfit.  He stays in it for much longer before whining than he will the crib or pack n' play (affectionately known in our house as "baby jail").  It's also got a huge tray on which I can put whole steamed baby carrots, cheerios, and other fun treats.  Yes, he's even eating big boy food now.  This is happening way too fast.  I need a time machine.  (Which would totally match with the fancy new high chair :o)

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