Monday, April 30, 2012

I clearly took a blog-cation this past month or so.  And you can't blame me.  It was about that time...that perfect storm of finals, papers and conferences.  The March-April lack of blogging has been my M.O. (or is it m.o.  modus you capitalize latin?  Did I even spell that right?)  Throw in a baby who decides to all of a sudden become a rotten sleeper and a house renovation that refuses to get finished and there you go - no blogging.  Which should also communicate to you that I've had no fun this past month.  This isn't entirely accurate, but it pretty much sums things up.  But with the end of school around the corner, I can say pretty confidently that I'm back, baby.  More posts to come.  In the meantime, look at this cute baby. Henry had a great Easter with a visit from one of mommy's super great friends, Drew (aka Tito Jru Jru).  He had so much fun he fell asleep.  That's Henry's M.O./m.o.

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