Saturday, September 10, 2011

So Cute It Hurts

I love In God We Trust. You know this. I wasn't living in New York when their Ludlow Street location closed and it's probably a good thing because I'd have gone into a mini mourning. I love how Shana Tabor meshes sassy, snippy, and unrefined with prim, proper, and tailored. Well, maybe more on the sassy and snippy side. Anyway, did I mention how Fab is slowly becoming my most favorite thing ever? IGWT is featured on the site this weekend, and I just have to snatch up a sweet nothings necklace - I never bought one, but have been lusting after them for a while. I'm trying to decide between "bless this mess" and "really f*ckin' cute". The latter could be taken in a couple ways; this phrase often runs through my head after someone does something obnoxious or stupid. But if thinking of the necklace as a reference to myself, I'm probably more of a mess than cute these days, and will undoubtedly be even more so after baby comes. So we'll see. I'll sleep on it.

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