Saturday, September 24, 2011

Shedding a Little Light

I'm now starting to resign myself to the fact that our renovation might not be done by the time baby comes around, especially if he's even a little bit early. But that hasn't stopped me from starting (and actually finishing!) some little projects. Finishing some, that is. I made this little night light in a day. Once again, it was inspired by B is for Baby, although I didn't follow any exact project - this is a combination of Suzanne Stirling's fabric wrapped full-sized shade and the ribbon night light.

You'll need:

A night light kit - I got mine from Factory Direct Craft - ridiculously fast shipping

8 (or so) strips of coordinating fabric
Rotary cutter

Self-healing mat

Coordinating bias tape

Yes! paste
Brush to apply glue
  • Don't take the night light shade out of the package until you're ready to start the project. Detach the light from the shade and dust off the shade completely. In fact, keep dusting it throughout the project.
  • Cut strips straight to start using a rotary cutter on top of a self-healing mat, making the length a little long on the bottom. You can eyeball both the length and the width if you want the lamp to look homemade and not super-perfect. Otherwise, you'll have to do some math by dividing the width of the fattest part of the shade by however many strips you have. Obviously, all the strips will be about the same length. The one or two strips in the middle will be the most triangle shaped.
  • Using Yes! paste, glue the middle strips down first and work your way out. Whatever you choose to do, perfectly measured or not, cut the excess bottom part off with small scissors. The sides don't have to look perfect because you're covering them up with bias tape.
  • Measure how much bias tape you need for each side by holding the tape to the outside of the shade so that half is hanging off. Apply glue to one edge at a time, and press the tape down. Let the side dry, apply Yes! paste to the the edge and inside of the shade, and glue down the extra bias tape. Do this for all four sides, and voila! Customized baby night light.

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