Saturday, August 20, 2011

Fun New Toys

I've been keeping myself busy with all sorts of crafting projects, which has called for a bunch of new crafting toys. I bought this Martha Stewart circle cutter from Michael's the other day and have been using it to make my 3-D baby mobile. It's coming along super well, if I say so myself. I'm so glad I decided to invest in it instead of free-handing a bunch of circles with an X-acto. However, I couldn't completely avoid that because the mobile is sports themed and the circle cutter won't cut smaller than 4 inch circles - not good for golf balls. Anyway, check out my work so far here. And by the way, you should all invest in the Michael's iphone app. Actually, no investing necessary- it's free! And you'll always have a 40% off coupon and they scan it right off your phone. Genius. Anyway, see how cruddy the free-hand gold balls look compared to the rest?

I used the paper from which I cut the basketball to guide the lines.

I didn't want to obsess over making the perfect soccer ball, so I purposefully made them cool and abstract-looking. I think they came out rather well.

More details about the mobile to come when it's done!


  1. Very cool! And thanks for the tip on the Michaels iPhone app... I'll definitely download that. :)

  2. I have circle punches of all sizes if you need smaller cirlces. Let me know if you want to borrow them.