Friday, June 3, 2011

Wannabe Hasbeens

When I first saw that clogs were on trend, I thought WTF. I find most clogs fugly. But some iterations, mainly of the sandal variety, are friggin' cute. I LOVE Swedish Hasbeens. How hot are these:

Unfortunately, I am in the middle of buying a house. And I'm a grad student (read: poor). So I can't have these $200+ shoes. I can have cute similar ones, though! These Lucky Brand ones went on sale on Rue today and I pounced.
I also got this cute pair:

They aren't cloggy, but that wedge looks so comfortable and will help this petite lady out a lot. I doubt both these pairs will fit. I'm please Ruelala has such a good return policy. If neither work out, I have my eye on these: And score: they happen to be on sale at Zappo's for $79.

No guilt, because I have been awesome about not buying stuff these days. Can't wait for them to arrive!

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