Wednesday, June 1, 2011

NYC, Holler

I've begun to plan and take pictures of decor for the new digs. I bought this great painting from Kirkland's (I know, I'm officially old) the other day on super sale -- originally about $100, marked down, then marked down again, to total less than $50. Yay!

It's a little dark and oldschool-y, but since the home we're buying is easily over 100 years old, we're trying to stay true to the house and not try to go too modern. I like the idea of more classic furniture and decor in the house. Though the palette of art at Kirkland's tends to be drab and oldhead-ish, they had a number of nice pieces. I'm a fan of these:

But, B says we have too much New York stuff. He's definitely right about that, but can you blame me? I miss the city. Anyway, we really want to incorporate some New Orleans-y stuff into our new place, so watch out for more posts about that.

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