Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Fetus Photoshoot

One of the more exciting things about being pregnant is getting to hear your baby's heartbeat and see their little body via ultrasound. The birthing center I have chosen happens to be really generous with pictures. I hear that sometimes women don't get as many pictures as I have, so I consider myself lucky. We call the baby our little bean- should be obvious why. Here's our little bean at 8 weeks. Look at the junk in that trunk!
And again, more bean-like this time:

And here's baby at 12 weeks:
I had a weird ultrasound at 12 weeks and had to go back at 13 weeks. Bonus - another picture.

This is the fancy hi-res one that most folks get at 20 weeks. I already posted the better pic, but here's the other.

I'm 22 weeks today, so who knows what bean looks like these days...

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