Sunday, May 1, 2011

Hot Child in the City

It's Jazzfest time in NOLA! I had a great weekend. I heard Mumford & Sons followed by the Avett Brothers on Friday. Sidenote - Marcus of Mumford & Sons runs a book club - cute. Today we saw John Legend and the Roots as well as the Decemberists (who finished with The Mariner's Revenge, sans whale -- awesome). It's been a great weekend of music with an even greater one coming up - the beauty of Jazzfest is that it's two weekends long, so you have time to recover and are ready to bounce back after a few days rest. Still to come are Arcade Fire, Micheal Franti + Spearhead, Mystikal (!!!), the Strokes, Lauryn Hill, etc. etc. Jazzfest is super fun, but being that it takes place in New Orleans, it gets freakin' hot. Thank goodness the festival comes before the real humidity sets in. Still, a hat to keep you cool is absolutely necessary. As much as I love it, my little Phillies cap wasn't quite enough this weekend, and I absolutely refuse to don a fedora like 75% of the people at Jazzfest. I'm contemplating these buys: This sweet hat from Urban has a little ribbon to break up the dark color.

This one from American Apparel is pretty. A little light and plain, but will surely deflect the sun off my black black hair. I don't think you guys understand how hot it gets under here...

This one by Echo is available at Zappo's, and I love the boldness of the stripes.

I love this one from shopbop - it's got a pretty braid detail and is super floppy.

My favorite one may be this other super floppy one from the gap. It's blue, which is different, and has subtle stripes. I like.

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  1. I have one exactly like the one from shopbop that I wear to the beach and have been wearing here bcs its super hot too. It is funny bcs I showed up at an art festival on sunday wearing that hat and a maxi dress. I looked so different than everyone else! Lots of old ladies were wearing those types of hats. While all the 40s and under were wearing straw fedoras and shorty rompers. I have been looking for a cheap black/white stripe one like the Echo one.