Sunday, May 22, 2011

Dry Spell

I've been off my blogging game for a while now. The sad thing is, my baking and crafting life have been quite fruitful, but I've just been so unmotivated to post for some reason. I've made a couple batches of cupcakes and a really delicious Oreo cake that I'll post about soon. I also made these sad Easter sugar cookies that tasted a lot better than they look (please excuse the crappy iphone photo).

I was extremely successful at abstaining from shopping online for all of lent, and that habit has carried into the non-lenten season. My wallet is happy, and surprisingly, I am too. As for blogging, in my defense, B and I have a ton of life changes coming up, including our first home purchase! We've been crazy busy with that. I'll post more about the house when we're further in along in the process so as not to jinx us but things are progressing nicely on that end for now. Now that school is basically finished for the semester I will try to be better about writing. I say basically because I am proposing my thesis on Friday. Lots of exciting stuff going on. I'll be better about staying on top of stuff from now on.

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