Monday, February 7, 2011

Uptown Arts Market!

It's been a good little while since I've visited an Arts Market. So, my trip to Palmer Park for the Arts Council of New Orleans Art Market at the corner of Carrolton and Claiborne was super fun. It happens the last Saturday of every month and is super cute. I picked up this sweet coaster set from Adam Klein Hall. It's even Barry approved.

Other notable vendors include Ya Betta' Supa Don't! Love her necklaces, especially this one that includes the Superdome.

But my favorite of the day was Lone Wolf Woodworks. How cool are these banks made from old post office boxes? This is the best pic I could find online.

Anyway, we took Gus along. He ran alongside B while we rode bikes. Probably not the best idea, but we made it work. And the two of them looked pretty cute, too. I also want to check out the
Bywater Art Market, which is apparently no longer a monthly thing. I bet they have a lot of the same vendors, but I'm a big Bywater fan, so it's worth a shot.

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